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Common Questions

Questions are great but answers are even more satisfying. We have complied the top 3 most common questions we receive from our guest.

Are we allowed to bring pets to the lodge? 

Yes, we love your furry friends and where else would an animal like to be with 7 acres & a steady stream they can run freely. To cover the additional cleaning expenses there is a $400 fee per pet (size does not matter). 

This is subject to the weather but April 1 - Nov 1 there is a rare chance of snow. If there is heavy snow and you do not have an all wheel drive vehicle you will not make it past the end of the drive way whiteout snow chains. The driveway isn't steep at all and very easy for a 2 wheel drive vehicle to access other wise. 

If you have stayed in the mountains you already know bears are very common when trash is visible outside. Our county does not have a waste pickup service so all trash has to been taken to the local county municipal center. Thankfully the closest one is on your way out (4 miles) from the lodge. The address to take the garbage is below. If you checkout on a Sunday make sure you take all of your garbage the day prior. They are closed Sundays only. 

Address: 300 Hickory Springs Rd, Burnsville, NC 28714

Do we need an all wheel drive (4x4) vehicle to access the cabin?

What do we do with the trash when it is full? 

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